• What does "SET" stand for?

           SET stands for Sam Eastwood Training of course!!! Also, welcome to SET as in a movie set, plus the old school Get Set as in get ready lets go! 

  • How can I view my membership?

You will be able to view the Get SET Body membership on your laptop, computer, iphone, android or ipad. All you need is wifi!

  • Cant print off the PDF’s?

I know this sounds obvious but is your printer working properly? Check the paper! Ha. If you still have problems. Delete the saved PDF and re download and try again. Email me at sameastwoodtraining@gmail.com if you’re still having trouble and Ill forward you the troublesome file.

  • I am having trouble at the checkout, how can I pay?

Please email sameastwoodtraining@gmail.com so we can sort out the issue. If all else fails we can organize a direct PayPal or bank transfer.

  • Why cant I download the videos?

Unfortunately the videos are only viewable on the Set member website. I’ve made the PDFs so once you know what you’re doing you can print these out and workout anywhere!

  • Why does the video keep stopping?

         The most obvious answer is that your wifi keeps dropping out. The internet will drop out for such a split second you may not even notice, but your                    streaming video will, and it will stop and seem like its frozen! Call your provider to have them test it!

          If its fine it may be your server. This issue may be related to the way your browser has cached Vimeo.com, so we will want to fully clear out the cache,             which should hopefully fix the  issue you’re seeing. To do this with Safari, please follow the below steps exactly:

  1. Open Safari
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click "Safari" and then click "Clear History..."
  3. In the window that appears, make sure the drop-down menu has “all history” selected
  4. Then click “Clear History”
  5. Once complete, click "Safari" from the top menu bar again and then click "Quit Safari"
  6. Once Safari is fully shut down, go ahead and open the browser back up
  • Will I have to time to fit this into my day.

Absolutely. Get SET body is suitable for women of all lifestyles.
The series session workouts are 28 minutes long. We can all make time for 2% of our day!
Get SET provides a workout plan for the week to help you fit it all in. Just keep Moving!

  • Do I need a gym membership?

Nope, not at all. The get SET videos and PDFs mean you can work out anywhere you want! You don’t need a professional gym space to do so.

If you do have a gym membership already or belong to a yoga studio use the get Set program to compliment your existing training. The Get Set sessions can be done at the gym, outdoors or in the privacy of your own home or office.

You'll just need a small amount of equipment (listed below) and some room to move!

  1.  2 x Dumbbells (2-5 lbs each)
  2.  Yoga mat.
  3. The will to keep going.
  • What is the Get SET Body Guide?

The Get SET body Guide is a lifestyle plan. Start with the first 12 weeks kick starting the body back into the best it can be, and then its about maintenance. Trust me, you’ll love feeling as good as you will. It will become a new lifestyle..

The guide contains:
A breakdown of Pilates terminology and correct form and body posture when exercising. These short but precise videos you wll always have access to when you’re workin on your form. Please what this as your “pre triainig” or refer to them as you go. If you don’t know what a neutral pelvis is and why then check it out.

  1. Breaking it down. Goes into details about each move. So it’s a follow me but for people who really want to know what their doing. 
  2. 12 weeks worth of get SET body training circuits
  3. Each of these videos has an introduction walking you through how to complete each of the exercises, “and go”
  4. Information on how to effectively track your progress
  5. In depth education section, discussing general training principles, such as cardio, resistance training, stretching, posture, injury prevention and considerations for pre-training and post-pregnancy.
  • What days do I workout with get SET?

You’ll find a Weekly workout plan with the workout pdfs. Its printable too. Recommendations on what to include in your weekly plan! This will always refer to videos on the Get SET member video page. 

  • When will I see results?

Well, once you started get SET body and really commit to the lifestyle you can start to feel changes within 2 -4 week, other people will see changes within 4-6 week and the world will see changes in 12! BUT Remember, know everyone’s bodies are different so this will differ from person to person depending on your nutrition and other lifestyle factors, even stress and sleep patterns effect your body more than you so, anywhere between 2-12 weeks you will really start to feel a change and more importantly your natural bone rhythms and life choices will become easier! What may take someone else 3-4 weeks, may take another 10-12 weeks.

When tracking your results, it is important to take regular progress photos (i.e. once a week or once a fortnight). This is because some changes may not be visible on the scales, but very visible in the mirror! This is why I ask you to take a before picture of yourself. And then again every 4 weeks! Its not just about loosing weight its about toning and revamping your body so you’re strong and healthy!

  • Calories burnt during a Get SET session.

The amount of calories burnt in each session really depends on a bunch of different things. Height, weight, how hard you pushed all equal a mathematical equation based on your own body. For this reason we are unable to calculate the number of calories burnt for each individual, I can’t even estimate! Sorry.

  • When will I receive my confirmation email?

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation email.

  • I have not received my payment receipt/confirmation email.

If you have not received your confirmation email and/or your payment receipt this could be for a few reasons. 

  • Spam/Junk Folder: Our confirmation emails often get lost in spam/junk folder, be sure to check this folder before contacting us. 
  • Incorrect Email Address: You may have incorrectly entered your email address by mistake when submitting your details to our website, in which case, send me an email and I shall look you up by other means. Please provide the following in your Request:
  1. Product Purchased
  2. Date of purchase
  3. Full name of purchaser
  4. Email address associated with purchase (if you paid with PayPal the guides will be associated with that email address)
  5. Whether you purchased with PayPal or your credit card
  6. If credit card - Last 4 digits of your card
  7. If PayPal - Copy of your PayPal confirmation email.