What's That?

So we've all walked into a Yoga class and the teacher's said “ok, everybody pull up your pelvic floor and belly buttons move in” and the look on your face say's “scuse me….whats that?” So here are some short explanations into what it all means so that your form is correct and therefore efficient!


Start Here

Lets call this your warm up to a better body through 'form'. These workouts and videos are slower and more detailed getting you more familiar with my Pilates theory and your own form.

Lets figure YOU out. 


Now Move

OK, now you have your form and your movement down, so MOVE! There is an "introduction" to each session, because its still all about your form. Ive easily marked the intro and the workout so once your form is 'down' you can go right to the workout. YOUR aim is 7 minutes with all of these workouts! Good Luck..