Now Move

OK, now you have your form and your movement down, so MOVE!

The magic happens with 7 minutes x 4 circuits. Choose your own combination or stick the weekly workout plan.

Make sure to print out the Weekly Workout Plan to keep track of your workouts.

So for those of you who have completed your 8 week workout plan, firstly congrates! Hope all went well and you're feeling it!

You're on your way to your best body yet! 

The Bespoke Workout plans are design for you to have fun with. Now you know what you're doing (because you completed the 'Start here' workouts and "Just Move") I can trust you to workout from PDF's said...ha! No seriously, if you've completed the videos as many times as you should, you're body now has good form and it will do the best. YOU retraining your bone rhythms and improving your posture has given you wings to fly. 

You have the knowledge of how to get into bridge pose, access your lower abs and how to do the perfect bicep curls so go for it! If you need a refresher or fancy continuing the videos always do, they NEVER become obsolete! They're your best friend and guide to keep moving and keep improving.