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Nutritional Must Haves


That old saying ‘you are what you eat’ is so simple, yet so true. The food we put in our bodies has huge implications on our health and wellbeing and with so many choices around us these days, it’s not difficult (or indeed expensive) to be healthy. Just a few tweaks to your diet can reap huge rewards and it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the odd treat now and again. After all what’s life without chocolate?!

Here are some of the foods I work into my week.

  • Medjool dates with cashew butter – THIS IS RIDICULOUS and actually unbelievably good for you. I recommend slicing the date lengthways and taking the stone out, then filling with a spoonful of almond butter. Heaven!
  • Steamed greens with sesame seeds – grab some seasonal greens and pan fry with a little coconut oil and toasted sesame seeds.  Super easy and makes a brilliant side dish to meat and fish.
  • Cashew butter on wholegrain toast – I buy my bread from Gail’s Bakery and like it thick with lashings of cashew butter. Pair with a black coffee for the perfect start to the day.
  • Handful of nuts – mixed nuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts….all of these are packed with great fats, fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. I like to put them in a snack box and munch on them throughout the day, perfect for a quick energy boost
  • Sweet potatoes – switching up white potatoes for these beauties will give you an extra dose of vitamins and are rich in beta carotene which helps to boost our immunity to disease. Depending on the dish, I like to oven bake them or roast them as chips with a dash of olive oil, black pepper and paprika.
  • Dark chocolate – a little of what you fancy does you good right? My go to sweet snack is dark chocolate – a few squares with a nice glass of red never fails to hit the right notes.  

Fab healthy snack idea from LA nutritionist Kat Turner.

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