Here is the skinny on fat.

One of the oldest debates and sources of contention throughout the history of nutrition has been the subject of fat. Humans have gone from fat being a scarce part of their diets and difficult to come by to large amounts of fat depending on the season and what was available, to no fat at all. Now it would seem the goal is to consume as much fat as you can even putting tablespoons of three different types of fat into your coffee on your way to drop the kids off for soccer seems to be all the rage. I have always been one to stay away from extremes and err on the side of moderation (as my mother always said).
As delicious and tempting as it is to add grass fed butter to my daily cup of coffee, a few times a week is enough for me. It turns out there are some great benefits that come from this indulgent habit. 

Essential fatty acid or EFA's are comprised of three different types of fat omega-3 6 and 9. 
They all have great benefits for the body but the one we need most of is the one hardest to get in our diets. And that is omega 3 or DHA. This is the fat you can get from fish, walnuts, pecans and flax. This fat is anti-inflammatory lubricates the body and helps protect the brain. There is much research out showing that this particular fat also protects from coronary artery disease and Alzheimer's. I was shocked to find out that an extensive ongoing study showed out of 3 groups of people vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters, over the course of their life time the vegans had the highest rate of coronary artery disease!!! How could this be! They determined that the missing component in the vegans diet was good healthy DHA. The vegetarian and the meat eater we're getting more DHA in their diets than the vegan. So even though the vegan was healthier in many ways the most crucial and essential nutrient missing from his diet was this essential and very powerful fat. DHA. 

I personally have a diet rich in fish, pecans, walnuts and I highly recommend supplementing with a high quality DHA like cod liver oil at least 1000mg per day. 

As for the other fats, they are much easier to get in your diet, high quality coconut oil, grass fed butter and ghee all delicious all have some benefits. As for overdosing on fat being all the rage, it's just a matter of time before studies show the harmful effects of this extreme practice, I'll ride this one out. 

Sam x