A word on Nutrient Dense Food:


This program is designed to provide you with a multitude of recipes that will point you in the direction of optimal health. Some recipes are super fast and simple while others take a bit longer, but each one is nutrient dense and delicious so you feel satisfied and nourished ALL day.


We’re hoping that throughout the course of a month you’ll acquire new skills and a taste for new foods via the recipes that have all been derived from my years of cooking for Hollywood’s A-list.


Each meal is based on the food I’ve cooked for past clients who were committed to having the BEST health and bodies for life, and my aim is to share these gems with you.


This program may seem pricy when you hit the checkout but please keep this in mind… By cooking your own meals at home with the best ingredients you can afford you’ll save yourself from the empty-calorie pitfalls of cheap take-out and costly sodium, sugar, and fat saturated restaurant meals. Plus many of the recipes provide you with leftovers that are intended to be used in subsequent meals or frozen for meals down the road when you just don’t feel like cooking.


The point is to buy what YOU can afford… if organic fruits and vegetables are out of your budget then just focus on FRESH food, or buy frozen when that’s what makes sense. Keep an eye on your local grocery store’s sales, very often you can get great meat and fish on offer that can easily be frozen for later use. Hit the farmers market when you have the time, you’ll never get fresher fruits and vegetables than what you can get in-season directly from a farmer, and often you’ll find it at a great price.


Americans on average are accustomed to government subsidized food ingredients and products, so the cost of buying the wholesome foods and ingredients recommended in this program may seem high. But we want you to eat beautifully, for LIFE, and if that means you have to budget a little extra for your food each month and cut back in other areas then we think that it’s 100% worth it. 


Tips for making healthy choices while eating out of the house:



If you’re out with a group and appetizers are being ordered either (preferably) skip this part of the meal or stick to the lightest item available… lettuce cups, shrimp cocktail, edamame, or a small salad with dressing on the side. Absolutely avoid anything breaded or fried!



If possible ask your server to not to bring the bread-basket, it’s not even worth the temptation.


For your entree:

A bowl of broth or tomato based soup and a small side salad with dressing on the side is an easy choice that nearly every restaurant can accommodate. Likewise common appetizers such as shrimp cocktail, ahi tartar, or lettuce cups with a small cup of soup or a side salad can make for a nice, light dinner.

Another good thing to go for would be a piece of protein such as salmon, chicken, or a petit filet with a serving of steamed vegetables; look for words such as grilled, broiled, baked, or roasted, and avoid anything creamy or fried. 

The portion size at most restaurants is generous to say the least so follow the rule of thumb that a sensible portion size is about a deck of cards. Box up anything additional right when the food arrives to the table and take the leftovers home for lunch. Skip the starch unless the restaurant offers something healthful such as quinoa or roast sweet potato, and then only eat what would fit in the palm of your hand.



Skip it!! While everyone else is having dessert order a tea or a coffee and revel in your powers of self control.


Fast Food:

Sometimes it’s IMPOSSIBLE to avoid a trip to a fast food restaurant… in these instances look for an entree salad and order it with a vinaigrette style dressing on the side. Some places also now offer lettuce in place of a bun, that way you can order a burger or a chicken breast sandwich with slightly less guilt. Ditch the cheese and opt for mustard instead of high sugar ketchup or a “secret sauce".


Enjoy! x