What SET Members Get

With your monthly $30 subscription you get access to all of my exclusive online content so that you are in control. You can customize your workout by complementing our cardio videos with your favorite toning sequences. The content is constantly updated so your body, along with your brain, won’t get sick and tired of the same routines!

Your subscription is a 3 month minimum deal purely because you cant get into a new lifestyle in less time, there after you can cancel anytime if you wish to leave! Your subscription of $30 gets you unlimited access to all my videos, workout PDFs, recipes and meal plans! Your membership will be a recurring subscription to ensure you have access to our regularly updated content.

Within my video catalog I have section called "whats that"  explaining all the vocabulary used during training, this is how my workouts are more efficient. Move correctly and  the workouts can be shorter yet way more effective. "Pull up your pelvic floor" explained!

This makes the workouts unique and simple to follow with the fastest results. No gimmicks, just your body getting fit.

Join the Get SET community too for Q&A sessions, knowledge, support and extra fun things.

 The $30 membership is available in any currency and will simple be the currency equivalent.

Join from any country! 



Get SET Body...

24 hour access to my entire streaming video catalog so you can work out with me from the comfort of your home. Follow the "Holy Legulation" workout, cardio, stretching the list goes on.

Rather than just a fitness workout, I focus on creating a lifestyle for my clients and believe results speak for themselves!

It's Not About Doing 1000 Sit-ups a Day...

Downloadable and printable PDF's of my training sessions so you can train anywhere, anytime.

My Core workout plan focuses on Pilates based training meant to encourage stability and strength whilst building a strong base to help prevent injury.


Eat Better Not Less...

Delicious and simple daily recipes and nutrition plans. Eat exactly as the movie stars do.

We believe in meals with high nutritional value and taste. You shouldn't starve yourself to get in shape. We need to fuel our bodies with the best possible food. So, no skimping.