Lets call this your 8 week plan to kick start your new life style!

The plan is specifically designed to get your body moving, ensuring your 'form' is exact so you have the most efficient workouts possible! 


1. Download the WEEKLY WORKOUT PLAN based on the week you're in.

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3. Go to the VIDEO page and find the relevant VIDEO for your workout.

Make sure you start by watching the WHAT'S THAT? video's for quick explanations, making your session clearer and in better form. So your workouts are not long and wrong!


4. Download your progress PDF's, its super important to monitor how you're doing!

PDF's to download

    A visual of your own progress speaks louder than words.

It's important to fill in the MEASUREMENT GUIDE on a weekly basis, to keep track of your improvement, give you your best results and to keep you accountability. Knowledge is power!

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