So you're probably here because you've decided enough is enough and its time to be the best YOU can possibly be. Well nice choice first of all and a huge welcome from me!

I started out as an athlete and represented my county in distance running and trampolining, before being scouted by Elite Premier Models. I finished my degree at University whilst balancing my modelling career, then took off travelling the world (NY, Los Angeles, London etc) strutting the catwalk for most of the high end fashion labels and lingerie brands. During my career I worked with Ford, Wilhamina, Next and appeared in major publications and covers for Vogue, FHM, UMM etc…

I worked hard at nutrition and lifestyle in order to find my own healthy way to stay lean whilst keeping my stamina high as my schedule could be gruelling at times. It was from this that I started mixing the different styles of fitness training so that I didn’t bulk, but still had shape. 

Now a celebrity trainer & lifestyle coach I help Hollywood's elite achieve their fitness goals and now I'm ready to share my experience and knowledge with you. A list stars have short periods of time to become the best they can be. You will literally be doing the same workouts as they do, Im sharing it al!.

My method focuses on core (Pilates) based training encouraging stability and strength whilst building a strong base to help prevent injury (especially with those that are not natural athletes). From here I start to sculpt and form the body getting amazing results for all my clients. I teach you to do the exercises correctly, so you can do shorter, more effective training and therefore have more time for other things, like work and play!

I believe in creating a lifestyle for my clients rather than just a fitness workout and the results speak for themselves.

Now it's your turn...